Hack Yourself Stockholm 2022

Beefing up your security against criminals with more non-hacker hackers

Stuart McMurray discusses an unconventional approach to making life harder for the bad guys: turn everybody into hackers! How does this work on an individual level, and how does it contribute to greater security with minimum fuss?

Learn more about:

  • How trying to get rid of "bad guy things" is nothing new: laws have been enacted, bounties have been offered, gates have been built, and risks have been outsourced before.
  • Contributing to the problem: building leverage on the situation by transforming the problem into the solution.
  • Breaking the stigma around hacking and changing the security culture by enabling people to think how a hacker would.
  • Klarna's three-step process in beefing up its security posture: normalizing, allowing, and using hacking across the organization.

Watch this session to learn more about Stuart's unconventional strategy and dive into a few real-world success stories, such as Klarna.


Stuart McMurray

Lead Offensive Security Engineer, Klarna