Building the knowledge of the world's best ethical hackers into the Detectify platform

Benefit from an always updated Detectify platform that's fueled directly by Crowdsource, our community of hand-picked ethical hackers.

How Crowdsource works

Crowdsource ethical hackers find web vulnerabilities

Our ethical hackers find vulnerabilities in widely used systems, such as a CMS, framework, or library. They then submit it with a proof-of-concept to Crowdsource.

Detectify integrates these vulnerabilities into its products

The proof-of-concept is reviewed internally. Once accepted, it's built into the scanner so all customers get access to this.

Detectify customers scan their assets for the vulnerabilities

The ethical hacker is rewarded for each 'hit' - by reporting the vulnerability once, they help secure hundreds of websites with automation.

Giving customers more value

The latest security knowledge is automated to detect commonly exploited vulnerabilities and allow specialists to focus on more challenging security bugs.

A large scale focus so that everyone benefits

Crowdsource supports all Detectify customers, regardless of their size or turnover. Because Crowdsource ethical hackers find vulnerabilities across commonly used technologies, all Detectify customers benefit.

Democratizing security knowledge

We take the knowledge of experts and put it into the hands of those that need it the most.

Crowdsource and ethical hacking

Learn more about how we work with ethical hacking and see some of the faces of the Crowdsource community

Meet the community

Crowdsource in numbers


Modules provided by Crowdsource researchers


Vulnerabilities found in Detectify customer assets


Top ranked ethical hackers in the Crowdsource community

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