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Enterprise attack surface management

A solution that scales alongside rapidly growing attack surfaces, whether you're a digital-first product organization, a distributed company with many subsidiaries, or focusing on digital transformation.

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Catalin Curelaru

"We have multiple public applications, and we want to be 100% sure that we are free from subdomain takeovers”
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Uncover what you don’t know is there

Detectify offers a powerful EASM solution that helps your organization uncover what it doesn't know it's exposing to the Internet. Find unknown precious assets, protect yourself from subdomain takeover, and become aware of other vulnerabilities and anomalies.

Enabling business value while staying in control

Enterprise development teams are shipping code daily. Allow them to run at lightning speed while your security team stays in control of the growing attack surface.

Make more confident and informed decisions

With easy access to the vulnerabilities present in your organization, Detectify guides you with understandable remediation tips, helping you make more informed security decisions.

In-depth testing and findings, automated

Automatically scan custom-built apps and find business-critical security vulnerabilities. Detect the latest vulnerabilities that other tools can't find, including vulnerabilities found today.

Combining automation with human ingenuity


Different ways to test for subdomain takeover


False positive rate


Payload-based testing

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Detectify Crowdsource

Enterprise organizations, work side-by-side with ethical hackers

From subdomain takeovers to vulnerabilities in third-party services, chasing a dream of complete coverage makes it difficult to focus on what matters the most: getting accurate information about your attack surface as things change.

The only way to protect your attack surface is to hack it, and that's why we have built a solution that relies on ethical hackers around the globe who are constantly discovering new vulnerabilities in places you didn't even know were possible.

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Case study: BÜHLER GROUP

“Detectify has produced high-quality results with zero false positives, which is a significant advantage for Bühler.”

Patrick Zimmermann


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Attack surface management that scales with any rapidly growing enterprise attack surface

Digital-first product companies

Discover known and unknown internet-facing assets and enable your development teams to ship code faster.

Distributed companies with many subsidiaries

Every merger and acquisition increases your attack surface, making it more challenging to stay in control. Detectify's solution gives you more visibility and control over any inherited attack surface.

Enabling digital transformation

Discovers issues that are present in your supply chain and third-party apps.

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