Integrations that empower teams and enhance flexibility

We've recently enhanced our integrations to enable security teams to easily access the External Attack Surface Management data that matters the most to them. Integrate with any security tool that works best for your team while continuing to ship new products and features without disruption.

Frictionless workflows and accelerated remediation

With our new integrations platform, Detectify customers can now benefit from the following:

Integrating high-fidelity vulnerability data into existing workflows

Teams use tools that work best for them depending on their use case, industry regulations, risk tolerance, and organizational maturity. Get data and centralize vulnerability findings from Detectify in one place, such as through a vulnerability management (VM) platform or threat intelligence tools.

Immensely customizable integrations

Create integrations with customizable parameters, such as assigning specific characteristics to vulnerability findings. Fine-tune how you consume vulnerability data through custom-logic rules, allowing you to work more collaboratively with product development teams to resolve vulnerabilities faster.

Accelerating MTTR by getting vulnerability data to development teams efficiently

Today's security teams constantly try to keep up with developers under pressure to ship features and add value. With Detectify, you can put vulnerability information in front of developers with the tools they use daily, making it easy for them to understand the severity of the vulnerability and prioritize remediation efforts.

Powered by Workato

Send critical security vulnerability findings to the tools your teams use daily. We have pre-set integrations with popular tools, including Slack, Jira, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Splunk, OpsGenie, and HTTP webhooks.

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Detectify API

Our API allows you to export results in the way that best suits your workflows — for example, generating customized alerts or aggregating information using third-party services.

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