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Never lose track of a subdomain again

With a library of 350+ attack vectors for subdomain takeover unique to Detectify, continuously monitor your organization's growing attack surface and make sure you find and never lose sight of any subdomains again.

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Find and manage subdomains with automation

In just a few clicks, automatically start cataloging your subdomains and monitoring them right away. Whenever a new subdomain is discoverable on the Internet, our tool alerts you and adds it to your asset inventory for continuous monitoring and vulnerability scanning.

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Michelle Tolmay

“With Surface Monitoring, we found subdomains we didn’t know we had”
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350+ different ways to test for subdomain takeover

As the originators of hostile subdomain takeover, Detectify now has an active inventory of 350+ ways to check for vulnerable subdomains mapped to your attack surface. We continue to add new attack vectors daily from our ethical hacking community.

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Scaling with fast-paced security teams

A subdomain takeover can be fast to find but a complicated task to remediate. Detectify scales with fast-moving teams to continuously secure public-facing applications and assess them for the latest vulnerabilities.

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Take action where it matters

From subdomain takeovers to vulnerabilities in third-party services, chasing a dream of complete coverage makes it difficult to focus on what matters the most: getting accurate information about your attack surface as things change.

The only way to protect your attack surface is to hack it, and that's why we have built a solution that relies on ethical hackers around the globe who are constantly discovering new vulnerabilities in places you didn't even know were possible.

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Case Study: Grammarly

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“Surface Monitoring is an impressive product as it allows us to manage all of our subdomains and quickly search for new vulnerabilities.”

Vladimir Suslenko

Application Security Lead, Grammarly

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