Product demo

Watch a Detectify product demo

Missed one of our live demos? No problem! Get a 10-minute overview of how to quickly and easily get started with Detectify's External Attack Surface Management platform.

This short product demo includes guidance on:

  • Adding your Apex domains to get started quickly.
  • Configuring your subdomains for maximum coverage across your organization's attack surface.
  • Setting up and running your first scans.
  • Various ways to view your Assets and Technologies.
  • Creating your first Scan Profiles.
  • Setting up Attack Surface Custom Policies.
  • Viewing and sorting your vulnerabilities.
  • Surface Monitoring and how it uses scraping and brute force to detect open ports and vulnerabilities, like subdomain takeover, stateless tests, and SSL and DNS-related vulnerabilities.
  • Application Scanning and it's crawling and fuzzing capabilities that give your web applications deeper coverage.


Alexander Matsson

Product Manager