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Your 2-week free trial gives you instant access to both Detectify products.

Scan what you host

Surface Monitoring

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$ 289 / month

Continuously monitor and secure known and unknown internet-facing assets.

Scan what you build

Application Scanning

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$ 89 / month

Run in-depth and unlimited scans against your web apps with targeted scan profiles.

Have an extensive digital footprint?

We offer a flexible, scalable, and customizable enterprise offering. Book a demo to learn more.

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Included in our enterprise offering

Extended 2FA & SSO

Extended authentication control with 2FA and SSO access

Extensive API

Extensive API functionality for customized reports/exports

Multi-team Setup

Multi-team setup is available for flexible organizing of assets, access levels, and results

Dedicated CSM

Dedicated Customer Success Manager ready to partner with you

Easy domain verification

Save time with domain verification and authorization bypass

Custom designed pricing

Custom and personalized pricing based on your assets

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and their answers, all gathered in one place.

  • How do I get started?

    When you sign up for a 2-week free trial, you'll have to add and verify ownership of the domains you would like to test to confirm that you're authorized to run security tests on them. Once your domains are verified, you're ready to start using Detectify. Simply 'toggle on' Surface Monitoring to begin continuous monitoring and run your first scan with Application Scanning.

    Read more about getting started and domain verification.

  • What’s included in a 2-week free trial?

    You’ll get access to both Surface Monitoring and Application Scanning during your 2-week free trial.

    Surface Monitoring: During your free trial, you can add up to 2 apex domains and will get continuous monitoring of these for the whole trial period.

    Application Scanning: During your free trial, you can add up to 5 domains or subdomains as separate scan profiles, with an unlimited number of scans per scan profile.

    This ensures that you can explore both the breadth and depth of your attack surface and maximize product use during the trial.

  • What happens after my trial has ended?

    You’ll still be able to log in to the tool and access old results, but you’ll no longer be able to monitor your assets or run new scans. If you delete your Team, this will remove any data. To continue using either or both products, you need to become a paying customer.

  • What are Scan Profiles and Assets?

    A Scan Profile can be a domain, subdomain, or IP address you own, which can be configured and customized to suit your needs. It represents the application or part of the application you would like to run in-depth scans on.

    Assets are domains that you want to monitor or scan. We recommend adding apex or root level domains to get maximum coverage of your attack surface when adding assets.

  • How does Detectify’s pricing work?

    We calculate pricing based on the number of Scan Profiles you have added and/or the number of Assets you have enabled Surface Monitoring for. The price also depends on whether you pay annually or month-to-month. You can save up to 20% by choosing annual billing.

    Scan Profiles and Assets can be added or removed as you please. Removing a Scan Profile will impact your next billing period. Adding a Scan Profile or enabling Surface Monitoring on a new Asset will take effect immediately and is billed prorated for the remainder of the billing period.

  • Does Detectify integrate with my existing workflow?

    Yes! We believe security should be part of your everyday workflow, which is why we love integrations that allow us to push Detectify notifications to the channels you're using.

    Don't see a service you utilize among our integrations? We work with our customers to continuously update the list of integrations. Reach out to us.

  • Why should I pick Detectify to help me with attack surface management?

    Detectify was founded by ethical hackers and continues to work closely with the ethical hacking community - our crowdsourced community of ethical hackers is what makes us unique. Their security research helps us build new tests and continuously add them to Detectify every day. This ensures you're constantly monitoring and scanning your growing attack surface for the very latest, previously unknown vulnerabilities. External attack surface management has been on our radar for several years. We are working hard to continue developing Detectify and offer our customers the best attack surface coverage.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club) and annual invoices (The minimum order value for an invoice is $1650/€1500).

  • I still have questions; who can I reach out to?

    You can contact us if you need further help, or check out Knowledge Base for tips on getting started, configurations, settings, and more.

Let's see what we'll find in your tech stack

Start vulnerability testing to find exploitable anomalies across your attack surface with Surface Monitoring and Application Scanning.

Surface Monitoring

Continuously monitor and secure known and unknown internet-facing assets.

Application Scanning

Run in-depth and unlimited scans against your web apps with targeted scan profiles.