About Detectify

We audit your site’s security so you can focus on web development.

Detectify was born from the simple idea that the internet was broken. Today we have a full blown SaaS application that has moved on to become one of the most exciting new companies in web security

A passion for a more secure web

We are driven by the vision of a more secure web. Thus, we spend our time both spreading information about web security and developing the Detectify engine.

Detectify is a SaaS based web application security-scanner that analyzes the security status of your website and creates a report with the results. It is designed to be easy to use even for those with little or no previous knowledge of web security. It only takes 3 minutes to sign up and start a security audit of your web application.

The Detectify Team 2015

Today the Detectify team consists of five people and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Do you think you have what it takes and would like to be one of us? Check out our career page!

Fredrik Nordberg Almroth

Application Engineer

Acknowledged security researcher, a technology evangelist and a brilliant developer. Hacks the planet.

Twitter: @Almroot
Email: fredrik@detectify.com

David Hallenius

Head Web Developer

Experienced e-commerce platform developer who loves secure code and enjoys coding games in his spare time.

Twitter: @davidhallenius
Email: david@detectify.com

Johan Edholm

Front-end & SysOps

Educated Linux and network manager, has worked as an IT security analyst and has a passion for the web.

Twitter: @norrskal
Email: johan@detectify.com

Rickard Carlsson


Post management consultant with a master in engineering physics and mathematics from Linköping university.

Twitter: @detectify
Email: rickard@detectify.com

Frans Rosén

Knowledge Advisor

Jack of all trades web developer and a crazy bug bounty hunter. Has built and broken everything.

Twitter: @fransrosen
Email: frans@detectify.com