How Crowdsource works


Your challenge is to find a vulnerability in a widely used system

E.g., in a CMS, framework, or library. Just so you know, these can be publicly known vulnerabilities or 0-day vulnerabilities and don't have to be found initially by you.


Show us how you did it!

Report the vulnerability to us by submitting a valid proof of concept via the Crowdsource platform. We'll also verify and give feedback on the submission.


Sit back, relax and let us implement your exploit

We will review your submission and, if valid, create a module for the Detectify services that are used by our clients to keep their products safe.


Get paid continuously

You will receive a fixed payout when your submission goes live. For as long as the module remains live, you're continuously rewarded for each unique hit produced in the Detectify customer base. Pretty sweet, right?

Start earning money now

Get a sustained cash flow from every accepted vulnerability!

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More on getting paid

Targets & types of payments

All submissions that meet our submission guidelines and are accepted will receive payouts for every time the vulnerability is found in our customer’s systems, from the first hit, with no limit on how many hits you can get.

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0-day bonus

Submitting a valid 0-day will reward you with an upfront bonus, along with our regular payouts for accepted modules. Detectify handles 0-days with transparency to responsibly work with vendors, researchers, and customers with the disclosure.

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“I really like Detectify payout system. I can get money continuously without hunting all the time”

Ozgur Alp (@ozgur_bbh)


Ready to join the community?

Step 1

Solve our challenge

Our technical skills test will involve you finding several vulnerabilities and explaining how you found them. The focus here is not just on your ability to find vulnerabilities but also to clearly and concisely explain how.

Step 2

Tell us about yourself

Here you provide information about yourself - your experiences with ethical hacking, general work experience, and any other relevant information for us to know.

Step 3

We'll review your application

When we review your application, we look for a combination of proven technical ability, good communication skills, and relevant experience that could prove valuable to the Crowdsource community. Successful applicants will be contacted by us directly.

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