Detectify Videos

Detectify experts in the spotlight

Security Weekly: ESW #265

How leveraging Crowdsource is the best way to bolster your security

Security Weekly: ESW #257

Vulnerability management is dead!

Security Weekly: ASW #161

Securing modern web apps: development techniques are changing with Tom Hudson

Security Weekly: BH21 #2

Automated hacker knowledge with Carolin Solskär

Security Weekly: BSW #219

Optimize buying criteria to ensure success of your new security tools

Security Weekly: RSA 2021

Why you should challenge shift-left testing with Rickard Carlsson

Security Weekly: ESW #225

Challenging transparency in modern app Sec with Rickard Carlsson

Security Weekly: ASW #144

Approaching AppSec like a hacker with Johanna Ydergård & Roberto Giachetta

SaaStr Annual 2020

The firewall isn't enough: securing your company like a unicorn

Webinar: ForeSeeti

Continuously hack yourself with Tom Hudson

Security Weekly: ASW #130

Automated hacker knowledge with Rickard Carlsson

Grammarly Meetup

How Detectify discovers vulnerabilities - behind the scenes