Why consider an external attack surface management solution now?

It's becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to secure their expanding attack surfaces. This e-book will give security teams insight into how External Attack Surface Management (EASM) can help secure the attack surface and how to best evaluate and integrate an EASM solution into existing workflows.

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With Gartner naming attack surface expansion its top trend in cybersecurity for 2022, security teams need better insights into the role External Attack Surface Management plays in securing their expanding attack surfaces. Learn more about:

  • What the attack surface entails and why External Attack Surface Management (EASM) matters now.
  • How evolving tech stacks, the decentralization of security, and an increasing amount of vulnerabilities contribute to the expanding attack surface.
  • A breakdown of use cases for an EASM solution, including asset discovery & inventory, third-party risks, and securing M&As.
  • How an EASM solution can fit smoothly into existing workflows and help secure the expanding attack surface.
  • Questions to consider when evaluating EASM vendors.
  • An insight into Detectify's EASM offering and how some of our customers are using our EASM solution.