Hack Yourself Stockholm 2022

Mapping a country’s attack surface

Monitoring what you expose to the Internet is key to protecting and securing your company’s digital infrastructure. And this is true for countries as well. Watch this session to learn how to apply a sustainable security strategy when protecting unknown unknowns.

With cyber espionage attacks getting more popular along with ransomware groups, it’s a herculean task for governments and CERTs to monitor incoming threats and prevent attacks. In this webinar, you'll learn more about:

  • Creating and mapping a country-level attack surface.
  • The scope, scale, ports, and protocols to look for in a country's attack surface.
  • Fingerprinting and vulnerability detection: what everyone looks for in a country's attack surface and what governments should look out for.
  • Examples of country-level vulnerabilities, their applications and possibilities.


Kursat Cetin

Security Researcher, Detectify