Hack Yourself Stockholm 2022

Panel discussion on shift left security featuring Klarna, Visma, and Detectify

Join experts from Detectify, Klarna, and Visma as they discuss approaching the development lifecycle.

Join Rickard Carlsson, CEO of Detectify, Joona Hoikkala, Red Team Manager at Visma, and Stuart McMurray, Lead Offensive Security Engineer at Klarna, to get insights into how experts view shift left security in their organizations. Learn more about:

  • What is shift left security, and the importance of preventing vulnerabilities in the development lifecycle.
  • The feasibility of shifting all vulnerability testing to the left.
  • Is there such a thing as shifting too far to the left, and can all types of security testing be shifted left?
  • Testing environments for staging and production can vary greatly - how does this impact shift left security?
  • How long does it take to fix a vulnerability, and how can you define a successful incident response process.
  • Enabling teams to have the security tools they need to do their jobs.


Johanna Ydergård

VP of Product, Detectify

Rickard Carlsson

CEO, Detectify

Joona Hoikkala

Red Team Manager, Visma

Stuart McMurray

Lead Offensive Security Engineer, Klarna