Hack Yourself London 2022

What is and isn't EASM?

It's a security team's job to stay updated on the latest cybersecurity acronyms. With Gartner having named attack surface expansion as the #1 security and risk management trend for 2022, Regina Bluman explains what EASM is and what it means for your organization.

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Regina ran a Twitter poll, and the results showed that many people within cybersecurity had no idea what EASM was. Dive into Regina's talk from Hack Yourself London 2022 and learn more about:

  • What both EASM is and isn't.
  • How Log4j is a perfect example of how tool components have assumed quality control processes.
  • Why a continous EASM program is something all organization's need, and how automation can help with this.
  • The role of bug bounty programs as a supplment to continous monitoring and scanning.
  • How removing shadow IT can work hand-in-hand with an improved security culture at your organization.


Regina Bluman

Security Program Manager, Algolia