Automated web application security that simplifies your security processes

Detectify is a scalable web security scanner that checks your web application for 1500+ vulnerabilities, providing up-to-date scan results and actionable reports. With Detectify, you can integrate web security into the development cycle and equip your team with the information they need to fix vulnerabilities and build safer applications.

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Scan internally and externally built applications

Check your web application for SQL injections, XSS, S3 bucket misconfigurations and 1500+ other vulnerabilities. Scan staging and production environments, or use Detectify to test applications developed by external vendors to ensure secure delivery.

Streamline your security data flow

Aggregate security data and make sure the right information reaches the right person at the right time by using Detectify’s API or integrations with tools like JIRA, Slack and Trello. Track vulnerability remediation and remove noise from your processes.

Share information with your team

Security is a team effort, which is why Detectify offers a range of features that make it easier to structure your web security workflow. Control access with different permission levels and SSO, organize your account into different teams, and strengthen login security with enforced 2FA.

"We want to be the first to find security errors in our production environment and Detectify is a great tool for that. It helps us remove noise.”

Siavash Ghorbani


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