Automated web app security for developers

Detectify is a low-noise, scalable web app security scanner that boosts productivity and helps you integrate security into the development cycle.

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Test your web app for 1500+ vulnerabilities

Instead of doing version testing, Detectify checks your app for real vulnerabilities. Scan your website for SQL injections, XSS, S3 bucket misconfigurations and hundreds of other security issues.

Develop security skills on the job

Detectify reports help you get on top of security with code examples, remediation tips, and attack demos created by top-ranked ethical hackers.

Powerful API and integrations with all your favorite tools

Bring security into your workflow with the Detectify API or our customizable integrations with tools like JIRA, Slack and Trello.

Customizable scans that fit your SDLC

Detectify was created to fit your development cycle. Scan in production or staging environments, schedule scans based on your release and finetune your scan with advanced settings.

“Detectify is the magic combination of simple and powerful that’s easy to deploy and get useful results immediately for a very reasonable price.”

Todd Troutman

Senior Systems Engineer, Qualpay

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