Product release

Product Release webinar Q4 2022

During our Q4 2022 Product Release webinar, we looked back at some of the improvements and additions to our product roadmap, as well as a preview of what's ahead for product development in 2023.

This Product Release webinar covers:

  • Introducing a new overview on the dashboard to improve prioritization (coming soon).
  • An overview of the Attack Surface View, which offers a holistic view of what you're exposing on your attack surface.
  • Introducing Technologies to the dashboard, for insights into what technologies you're hosting on your attack surface.
  • Iterations to Attack Surface Custom Policies made during Q4.
  • Changes to Crowdsource based on research conducted by the team.
  • What's ahead for Detectify in 2023, including improving integrations, asset grouping, and more reporting capabilities.


Victor Arellano

Product Marketing Manager

Vendela Engblom

Product Manager

Alexander Matsson

Product Manager

Allison Julien

Product Manager

Johanna Ydergård

VP Product