Undetected Podcast

A lawyer's take on hacking with Cecilia Wik

Is hacking illegal? Cecilia Wik gives us a lawyer's perspective on hacking and discusses the intricacies of law in the US and Europe, wire fraud, and computer crime.

Topics covered:

  • How does IT law differ from other sectors?
  • Criminal and civil sides of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
  • A walk-through of some famous high-profile hacking cases from Kevin Mitnick and Aaron Swartz.
  • How to ensure your hacking is legal.

NOTE: This episode does not give any official legal advice, but Laura picks Cecilia’s brain about the legalities of hacking within Cecilia’s area of expertise, the law.


Cecilia Wik

General Counsel, Detectify

Laura Kankaala

Security Researcher