Deep dive: How EASM is outpacing DAST for AppSec teams

During the past few decades, DAST has been a valuable methodology combining several application security capabilities, such as crawling and fuzzing complex custom-built web applications. However, critical capabilities are missing from DAST (and similar tooling), and Application Security teams feel the pinch as their tech stacks and development methodologies continue to evolve.

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In this e-book, we’ll explain how EASM fills the gaps missed by DAST and several other tools in your AppSec tech stack:

  • Learn how External Attack Surface Management (EASM) fills gaps missed by application security testing solutions.
  • See the challenges around developer experience and how it is a critical consideration factor in how quickly an organization can resolve vulnerabilities and risks.
  • The prioritization problem AppSec teams face with security scoring systems and how EASM is poised to help AppSec teams prioritize threats more effectively.
  • Why remediation speed is a key success factor in application security and how EASM helps accelerate remediation efforts.

Dive deeper into how web application scanners are not helping AppSec teams achieve their goals and what these teams can do about it with the help of External Attack Surface Management.