Comparing EASM and Pen Testing: Scope, Objectives, Capabilities

External Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing both enhance an organization's cybersecurity posture, but in different ways. This e-Book compares EASM and Pen Testing by exploring each methodology's scope, objectives, and capabilities.

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What's inside:

  • An introduction to the External Attack Surface Management (EASM) and Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) methodologies
  • The scope, objectives, and use cases for EASM and Pen Testing
  • A digestible table overview of how EASM and Pen Testing capabilities compare
  • Deep dive into each methodologies capabilities
  • Advice on combining Pen Testing with EASM
  • 10 key takeaways when considering the implementation of EASM and Pen Testing

Get a deeper understanding of how External Attack Surface Management and Pen Testing compare in critical capabilities such as frequency & timing, attack surface visibility, asset scoping, asset discovery, reporting & remediation, false positives, and types of testing.