Security teams in 2023: Trends & predictions

Looking ahead to 2023, AppSec and Product Security teams are looking to answer some fundamental questions: Is "shifting left" a feasible long-term solution? How important will fixing vulnerabilities in the production environment be going forward? And what will be the role of standard rating systems in evaluating the potential severity of a vulnerability?

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This e-book uncovers some of the top challenges AppSec and Product Security teams face and what’s ahead for these teams in 2023. In particular, we have highlighted some internal research that suggests that as an organization's tech stack modernizes, rating systems such as CVEs and CVSS will offer less value for Product Security and AppSec teams.

Learn more about:

  • How the growing attack surface has impacted the work of AppSec and Product Security teams, particularly in light of the technical architectures of today’s modern organizations.
  • Trends around production environments and standard rating systems that Detectify expects to see in 2023.
  • Security research from Detectify’s internal security research team on security headers from countries across the globe.
  • Tips on how to make sure AppSec and Product Security teams are enablers, not gatekeepers in 2023.