What is Detectify

Detectify is a web security service that simulates automated hacker attacks on your website, detecting critical security issues before real hackers do. We provide you with descriptive reports of the results so that you can continue to build safe products.

Where we started

The company was founded in 2013 and is backed by several of the most established security profiles in the industry.
Detectify, with its team of world’s best ethical hackers, quickly became one of the most talked about startups in the field of web security. The service is now trusted by large enterprises and leading tech brands, such as KING, Le Monde and Trello.

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The Detectify experience

With its user friendly and educational UI, Detectify is suitable for multiple roles and organizations. Our service is frequently updated in order to detect the latest security issues. Your reports and progress over time are presented in a streamlined interface that makes it easy to interpret findings and share them with your team.

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Seamless integrations of your favourite tools

To make it even simpler you can integrate Detectify to your favourite tool, Detectify has integrations to most of the common development tools.

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Need help?

We can help you with account & tool management, customized security testing and tailored security training. Reach out to us to learn more.

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Your service is like a dream-come-true!


I really like the service you provide. This is a valuable tool for any website developer or owner

Drew PiperPHX Site Design

Interesting service and excellent interface!

Juergen SpechtTech consultant & CTO

We use Detectify to get instant feedback on security issues we probably never would have detected otherwise

Martin Samami NilssonZtory

For us Detectify is a super-easy way to quickly check our web application for security holes

Andreas EhnCTO/Co-founder, Wrapp

I’ve been able to relax and rely on Detectify to find the problem areas so I can act on them quickly.

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