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API security talks

API security and hacking are pretty hot topics. Hear three experts present lightning talks on their experience and interest in hacking APIs in the latest Detectify Hacker School webinar.

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Topics covered in API talks:

  • AI opportunities and challenges for web security

    Automating your web security, particularly offensive web security, is often favored by organizations. Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear explores how we can move from automation towards using artificial intelligence to help with offensive web security.

  • What’s happened throughout two decades of hacking?

    Twenty years ago, ethical hacking was considered illegal. Erwin explores how ethical hacking is widely accepted today in the tech community to help make software safer.

  • Alissa Knight on (ethically) hacking healthcare APIs

    Alissa talks through what she found when she pentested healthcare APIs and the importance of approaching API security testing like a hacker.

Moderated by Tom Hudson, Security Research Tech Lead at Detectify.


Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear

Lecturer in Cyber Security, Speaker, & Ethical Hacker

Erwin Geirnaert

Chief Hacking Officer - Shift Left Security

Alissa Knight

Cybersecurity Influencer, Content Creator, & Ethical Hacker

Tom Hudson

Security Research Tech Lead, Detectify