The Hacker Ecosystem

Protecting vendors with hackers and automation

This webinar discusses the evolution and current landscape of the hacker ecosystem. Our speakers look at different topics related to protecting tech organizations with hackers and automation. Featuring experts from Google and King.

What you'll learn:

  • Johanna discusses what Detectify's Crowdsource community is and how it works.
  • Calle (Google) and Borja (King) look at how they weigh bug bounty programs with automation.
  • Fredrik discusses the evolution of Detectify's ethical hacking community, Crowdsource.


Fredrik N. Almroth

Security Researcher/Co-Founder, Detectify

Johanna Ydergård

VP Product, Detectify

Calle Svensson

Crowdsource ethical hacker & InfoSec Engineer, Google

Borja Berastegui

Crowdsource ethical hacker & Offensive Security Director, King