Detectify is providing to you the following awesome features

Core features included for everyone

Unlimited tests

Test on demand or scheduled as you wish

Massive amount of vulnerabilities

We check for OWASP top 10 and +500 more vulnerabilities

Customized tests

Test from different devices, aggressiveness or customize your cookies and user agents

Export reports

Export all vulnerabilities as a summary as or a full report

Set scope

White and blacklist subdomains and paths of your domain

Test protected sites

Test vulnerabilities within your trust

All features

APIIntegrate directly with Detectify using our API
HipchatIntegrate Detectify & Hipchat to get instantly notified
JIRADetectify creates JIRA issues directly based on your findings
PagerDutyIntegrate Detectify & PagerDuty to lets you dispatch the alarm directly to your system admin.
SlackIntegrate Detectify & Slack to get instantly notified
TrelloGet your results into your Trello board
ZapierConnect Your Apps and Automate Workflows directly with our Zapier integration
Active security testsSelect which types of OWASP TOP 10 security tests should be included during your tests
Basic authenticationLet our service authenticate on your website using basic authentication
Customize cookiesCustomize your own cookies to control which cookies used by our service
Customize headersCustomize your own headers to control which headers used by our service
Customize user agentSelect predefined user agents or add your own to control which user agents used by our service
Fixed IPsWe do all our tests from fixed IPs
PathsConfigure which URLs to test on your website
Recurring scansSchedule recurring scans to make sure your site stays safe
Scan profilesScan same domain with different settings to see the different results
Scan request thresholdIf you are worried about your web server you can choose a lower request rate
SubdomainsConfigure which subdomains of your website to test
TeamDetectify Team - a way to share targets within your team so all of you can take advantage of the power of Detectify
TrailsRecord trails to to let our service authenticate using advanced logins
CrawlerInternally built crawler optimized for security testing
FingerprintingOptimize the tests based on the technology of the application
JavaScript Full evaluation of JavaScript to support dynamic web pages
Export results
JSONExport your reports to JSON
PDFExport your results into a PDF
TrelloManually export your findings to Trello
Enterprise contracts
Flexible billingOptions for payment periods, invoicing, and flexiblity
Multi team set-upAbility to create multiple teams with different access to results
ValidationNo need for domain validation on the account