Detectify Crowdsource

We work with the best independent ethical hackers in the world

A unique bug bounty experience

Detectify was founded by some of the best white hat hackers in the world but in an ever-changing technology landscape – that is still not enough. We believe in the power of the crowd, which is why we extended our team with a global hacker network; Detectify Crowdsource.

We now work side by side with the white hat hacker community. The security researchers in our platform constantly report their latest findings
to us, making sure Detectify covers more programming languages and technologies than ever before.

Curious about Detectify Crowdsource?

Check out our Detectify Crowdsource video and find out how we work with the world's best ethical hackers.

White hat

Carefully selected researchers

Detectify Crowdsource is an exclusive network of handpicked researchers that help us keep our service up-to-date with the latest security issues. The invite-only program allows us to bring in the knowledge of the best white hat hackers from all over the world.

Their submissions always go through our security team, who evaluate their Proofs of Concepts before adding them to our service, ensuring only high-quality issues are implemented. As soon as their submission is processed, they know that their contribution will make an impact and help secure hundreds of websites.

Utilize our community to test your site

Detectify Crowdsource approaches bug bounties in an innovating way, focusing on platforms instead of specific clients. When a researcher submits a vulnerability to us, we build a module for it and integrate it in the Detectify service. Instead of having to reach out to companies one by one, which involves figuring out who to contact and informing them about an exploit, they submit a module to Detectify Crowdsource.

The researchers receive payouts based on the number of unique hits for their submission – this is how we combine automation and crowdsourcing in an revolutionizing way.

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