Detectify Crowdsource

We automate the knowledge of 150+ handpicked white-hat hackers

Let’s make the internet safer together

Detectify Crowdsource started as an idea that was aligned with our vision to save the Internet using white-hat hacker knowledge. Today, Detectify Crowdsource is a network of over 150 white-hat hackers who continuously provide us with valuable security research, adding several hundreds of unique vulnerabilities to our scanner.

A unique bug bounty experience

Detectify Crowdsource approaches bug bounties in an innovative way, focusing on platforms instead of specific clients. When a researcher submits a vulnerability to us, we build a module for it and add it into the Detectify service. By reporting the vulnerability to us, the security searcher helps secure hundreds of websites through automation – this is how Detectify combines automation and crowdsourcing.

How it works

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Check out our Detectify Crowdsource video and find out how we work with the world's best ethical hackers.

White hat

Carefully selected researchers

Detectify was founded by some of the best white-hat hackers in the world and we still believe it is vital to work side by side with the community. With Detectify Crowdsource, we handpick some of the best white-hat hackers in the community to help us keep our service up-to-date with the latest security issues. The invite-only program allows us to bring in the knowledge of the best researchers from all over the world.

Get to know our hackers

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