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Start a 2-week free trial anytime before the end of Cyber Monday (November 30th) and scan as often as you'd like for free; no card required. We'll automatically take 20% off the annual Professional plan if you continue to use Detectify after your trial*. Pay just $68 per month instead of $85 when billed annually.

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Detectify helps you stay on top of security by automating the scanning of vulnerabilities, including XSS, Injection, and other OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.

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Features include over 2,000 security tests, the latest security research, report exports, customized scan profiles, plus:

Scan in an authenticated state

Test your assets located behind a login by scanning in an authenticated state.

Additional API keys

Enhance your API integration with additional API keys, helping you ease your automated security workflow.

Extended collaboration features

Share scan profiles with ten team members, helping your team to stay on track and on top of detected vulnerabilities.

Gold customer support

As a team on the Professional Plan, you'll get a response from our customer support team within 48 hours.

More integrations

Integrate Detectify & PagerDuty to let you dispatch the alarm directly to your system admin, alongside IRA, Slack, and Zapier integrations.

Multiple payment methods

You'll have the option to pay via invoice or card. (Minimum order value via invoice €1500)

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Why Detectify?

Detectify is where security engineers and developers come to collaborate

Scan for 2000+ vulnerabilities

Routine vulnerability tests check your web application for over 2000 vulnerabilities using our online vulnerability scanner.

Work side-by-side with ethical hackers

Research from skilled, ethical hackers is built into the service to bring you the most up-to-date web vulnerability scans.

Share knowledge with your whole team

Share your Detectify reports with your coworkers and improve your security knowledge.

Develop secure apps

Detectify checks your code for common vulnerabilities, leaving you time to focus on building your product.

Do you have an eCommerce website?

Secure your website as fast as you secure your Black Friday sales! As soon as Detectify finds an XSS or any other automated attempts to exploit your customers, you're alerted with direct information on the bug location and how you can fix it. Protect your shoppers and save 20% on a web security tool that gives you peace of mind during the busy shopping season.

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