online penetration testing

Automated penetration testing powered by ethical hackers

An automated penetration testing tool that helps you stay on top of threats, powered by the research of world-class ethical hackers. Continuously scan for 2000+ known vulnerabilities, stay on top of threats, and fix security issues before attackers discover them.

Pentest online scanner features

Made for in-depth testing and accurate findings, detect the latest vulnerabilities that other tools can't, including those found today.


Render and crawl various web apps for in-depth findings, including Single Page applications and massive, Java-Script-heavy applications.

Fuzzing engine

Get more rich and diverse vulnerability results with the scanner's fuzzing engine, continuously advanced by our ethical hacker community.


With personalized security testing, map out the technologies you use and get the most relevant security tests applicable to your tech stack.

Authenticated testing

Test the parts of your application that require authentication, including vulnerabilities in administration panels and user settings.

Find, fix, and prevent critical security vulnerabilities

Scan what you want, when you want

Once you’ve added and verified ownership of your domains, our pentest online scanner allows for flexible asset scanning and customizable scan frequency.

Integrate directly into your workflow

Expedite critical vulnerability information by sending your severities to wherever you want them. Set up Slack, Jira, Splunk, PagerDuty, Trello, OpsGenie, or Webhook integrations.

Fix findings with expert remediation tips

Receive a complete overview of all vulnerabilities, regardless of their root asset. Filter and tag findings to better prioritize vulnerabilities and follow expert remediation tips to fix them.

Go beyond OWASP Top 10

Discover undocumented security vulnerabilities, SQL injections, vulnerabilities behind authentication, input sanitation problems, SSL and encryption misconfigurations, and more.

Make the most of the following during your free trial

Scan as often as you like during your trial. No card required!

2000+ security tests

With further tests added weekly by Crowdsource, our ethical hacker community.

OWASP Top 10 view and beyond

Check your site's OWASP Top 10 score and test for less common, critical, and undocumented vulnerabilities.


Two-factor authentication for all users in your team.

API integration

Start, stop and check the status of scans.

Up to 10 team members

Share scan profiles within your team with controlled user permissions.

Export reports

Export the results from your latest scan (PDF, XML, JSON, plus more).

Customer support

We'll answer your questions and help you make web security as accessible and actionable as possible.

Log4j scanning

We're extensively scanning and continuously monitoring for various Log4j vulnerabilities.


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Join 1000s of companies that continuously scan, detect, and remediate business-critical vulnerabilities with automated penetration scanning.

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Combine penetration testing with EASM

What is EASM?

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is the continuous practice of looking for vulnerabilities and anomalies in various systems and technologies. It is a broader approach to detecting and handling vulnerabilities that weaken your security posture.

What does EASM mean for penetration testing?

Where many attack surface management tools stop at discovering assets, next-generation tools like Detectify combine them with vulnerability scanning, giving organizations an idea of what entry points exist and how far the exploitation chain will go.

Image of person at laptop coding

Powered by ethical hackers

Detectify is the only EASM solution using the ethical hacker community to collaborate on research and methodology. This gives you the most accurate information about your attack surface as things change, so you can take action where it matters most.

Ted M


Small Business

“Detectify is a powerful tool that every business should have”

Detectify provides my customers with a point-in-time score about their current security vulnerabilities, their risk and a score. It has an easy to use interface, reporting that is interpretable by both the technical and non-technical alike, and best of all - it's affordable for what you get!

Automated pentesting

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Go hack yourself

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Find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your web apps and keep track of all Internet-facing assets and technologies.

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Detectify helps 10,000+ users manage their attack surfaces

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