Reconnect with long lost web assets

Discover web assets that you didn’t know you had and keep track of your subdomains to prevent hostile takeovers with Detectify Asset Monitoring. We use the latest techniques developed by our ethical hacker community, Detectify Crowdsource, so that you can find your assets before attackers do.

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Overview of the different web assets owned under your root domain

Monitor for potential subdomain takeovers

Automate fast and scalable tests on the top layer of your attack surface

Why Detectify?

We offer domain and web application security to help security teams stay on top of emerging threats, and enable developers to remediate known vulnerabilities sooner. We collaborate with our Detectify Crowdsource ethical hacking community to turn the latest security findings into automated vulnerability tests with harmless payloads.

This way, you can access exclusive security research and check your web application for 2000+ known vulnerabilities.

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Detectify has an automated vulnerability scanner that helps you stay on top of threats. You can access exclusive security research and test your web application for hundreds of vulnerabilities.