Our Team


David Hallenius Detectify

David Hallenius

Co-Founder & Software Developer
Fredrik Nordberg-Almroth Detectify

Fredrik Nordberg-Almroth

Co-Founder & Security Researcher
Johan Edholm Detectify

Johan Edholm

Co-Founder & SysOps
Gabriela Georgieva Detectify

Gabriela Georgieva

Software Developer
Johan Norrman Detectify

Johan Norrman

Johan Svensson Detectify

Johan Svensson

Software Developer
Kostas Liveratos Detectify

Kostas Liveratos

Software Developer
Magnus Eriksson Detectify

Magnus Eriksson

Engineering Manager
Mikael Söderström Detectify

Mikael Söderström

Software Developer
Pauline Thornberg Detectify

Pauline Thornberg

Software Developer
Roberto Giachetta Detectify

Roberto Giachetta

Engineering Manager


Jocelyn Chan Detectify

Jocelyn Chan

Content Manager Team Lead
Veronika Alföldi Detectify

Veronika Alföldi

Marketing Strategy Manager
Alina Lysén Detectify

Alina Lysén

Event Manager
Korab Shala Detectify

Korab Shala

Motion Designer
Sebastian Scarpa Detectify

Sebastian Scarpa

Visual Designer
Linda Backman Detectify

Linda Backman

Customer Marketing Manager


Meet our fantastic Detectify employees

Anthony Braca

Sales Development Representative & Team Lead - US
Carl Engstrand Detectify

Carl Engstrand

Account Executive - EMEA
Davis Franklin Detectify

Davis Franklin

Sales Engineer & Team Lead - US
Emelie Anderson Detectify

Emelie Anderson

VP Sales
Giana Postiglione Detectify

Giana Postiglione

Account Executive - US
Marcus Sheridan Detectify

Marcus Sheridan

Account Executive & Team Lead - EMEA
Simon Hartvig Detectify

Simon Hartvig

Account Executive - EMEA
Sofoklis Lamprou Detectify

Sofoklis Lamprou

Account Executive & Team Lead - EMEA
Stiffannie Sacdalan Detectify

Stiffannie Sacdalan

Sales Development Representative - EMEA
Travis Isaacson Detectify

Travis Isaacson

Sales Engineer & Team Lead - EMEA
Yannis Pierroutsakos Detectify

Yannis Pierroutsakos

Account Executive - EMEA

People & Culture

Amanda Stahre Detectify

Amanda Stahre

People Specialist
Anna Engman Detectify

Anna Engman

VP People & Culture
Daniela Torres Detectify

Daniela Torres

Tech Recruiter
Daniel Nordin Detectify

Daniel Nordin

Recruitment Manager

Finance & Administration

Cecilia Wik Detectify

Cecilia Wik

General Counsel
Jenny Gabrielsson Detectify

Jenny Gabrielsson

Lilian Li Detectify

Lilian Li

Financial Accountant
Rickard Carlsson Detectify

Rickard Carlsson

Pedro Merino Detectify

Pedro Merino

Financial Accountant


Alfred Berg Detectify

Alfred Berg

Security Researcher
Ina Kacidhe Detectify

Ina Kacidhe

Software Developer
Johanna Ydergård Detectify

Johanna Ydergård

VP Crowdsource
Kristian Bremberg Detectify

Kristian Bremberg

Security Researcher
Linus Kingfors Detectify

Linus Kingfors

Product Manager
Martina Janevska Detectify

Martina Janevska

Engineering Manager
Omar Bouden Detectify

Omar Bouden

Software Developer
Spencer Pearlman Detectify

Spencer Pearlman

Security Researcher


Danwei Tran Luciani Detectify

Danwei Tran Luciani

UX Designer
Lotta Sandebäck Detectify

Lotta Sandebäck

UX Designer
Nicolas Belloni Detectify

Nicolas Belloni

Head of Product Design
Alexander Matsson Detectify

Alexander Matsson

Product Owner


Andrea Palaia Detectify

Andrea Palaia

Data Scientist & Engineering Manager
Giovanna D'Angelo Detectify

Giovanna D'Angelo

Data Scientist
Keven Le Moing Detectify

Keven Le Moing

Data Engineer

Customer Success

Ipek Ogun Detectify

Ipek Ogun

Head of Customer Success
Jessica Österholm Detectify

Jessica Österholm

Customer Success Manager

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